Chapter 3 The Dead


Though the portion of can beef was very small, it was very fragrant.

    Qi Yu, who was half full, finally stepped into the room he was assigned to reluctantly, which was unexpectedly not bad. Although it was empty, and there was only one bed and a simple bedside table, it was quite clean, if not…

    Qi Yu stared at the small pink floral quilt, suffocating in his heart.He felt as if he had returned to his hometown during the Chinese New Year, and was arranged red and green mix match big quilt by his grandma.

Which one wins: Pink floral VS Red and Green quilt ?

    His “poor” aesthetic is not enough for him to answer this question, so he can only choose to accept it silently.

    Qi Yu touched his chest and told himself that color looks warm, the little pink floral quilt must be warm. If it doesn’t live up to its name and can’t keep warm at all, then he… must make do with the cover.

Could it be a surprise? They are all people who died one, so you can’t be so picky.

Qi Yu accepted the new environment tearfully, and remembered Pei Hu’s advice to him when he ate canned beef. Don’t mess up, don’t toss, sleep peacefully.

    He encountered too many things today, it was a car accident and a horror game. He also followed the players to complete the taskand also cheekily ate half a can of beef.

    Qi Yu thought he would not be able to fall asleep because of too many things he encountered, but he didn’t expect that as soon as he closed his eyes, he felt drowsy and fell asleep.

    He was even a little hungry before falling asleep.

    He didn’t know that not long after he fell asleep, a figure faintly appeared in front of the bed.

    The man was tall, wearing only a simple T-shirt and trousers, but his back was straight and he stood upright, looking very energetic just from the back.

    A hazy moonlight spilled from the window blocked by the iron fence, and the cold white light hit him, making the handsome and white face look paler.

    He carefully reached out and touched Qi Yu’s face. The skin was warm and smooth. Qi Yu wrapped in the pink floral quilt looked very cute. It made people want to touch a few more times when seeing it.

    Xie Shao touched his face and still felt unsatisfied, so he simply took off his shoes, lifted the quilt and quietly got into the warm bed beside Qi Yu.

    So when a cold person enters the bed, doesn’t Qi Yu feel it?

    No, he does.

    He woke up dazedly the first time the bed was invaded and wanted to tuck himself in the quilt, but not only was he not tucked into the quilt, but his hand was also grabbed by the opponent and pinched twice.

    Qi Yu:? ? ?

    He opened his eyes in horror and wanted to pick up the wooden stick specially placed on the side of the pillow for defense. The next second, the neck hurt and the eyes went dark. He didn’t manage to know anything.

    Controlling the intensity and knocking people out, Xie Shao happily covered himself with a quilt, and by the way, he also hugged the little beauty in his arms.

    A minute later, the wooden stick was thrown on the ground.

    Two minutes later, the clothes and pants that were taken off fell on the small floral quilt.

    Xie Shao let go of his under pants, and closed his eyes holding a bare fish.(T/N : Here fish means yu* from Qi Yu’s name )


    Other people sleeping in the orphanage room also ushered in unexpected visitors.

    They didn’t have a four-piece set of clean pink covers. The long-abandoned and uninhabited rooms are full of an unpleasant musty smell. The bedding on the bed is basically moldy and rotting, and they can’t sleep normally at all.

    They could only barely turn moldy part to other side, then lay down on their clothes, holding the tools they found, hoping that the night would pass as soon as possible.

    Guo Yue prefers to be clean, and today she was very uncomfortable. She was lying on the musty bed tossing and turning for a long time without falling asleep. She could only count the sheep silently with her eyes closed.

    While counting, she suddenly heard a rustling sound.

    It was a bit like a person was walking cautiously towards the bed, the sound of shoes rubbing against the ground. Although he was careful enough, in this silent night, one still hear that sound into his ears clearly.

    One step, two steps

    -the sound was getting closer and closer.

    Guo Yue closed her eyes and held her breath, not even daring to move.

    The cold sweat wet the clothes behind her, and she could feel that a cold hand came in between her and the muscular man who was sleeping with her, in that not too big gap.

    It fumbled for a moment, and then its whole body began to squeeze in.

    Feeling the icy temperature, Guo Yue couldn’t help it anymore. She jumped up directly from the bed screaming and prepared to run. But before she could run away from the bed, a cold hand clasped her neck and snapped it to the right.

    There was a “click”.

    Guo Yue’s head fell softly.

    The hand gently dragged her back again, put her right back on the bed, and pulled the quilt left aside by them disgustingly, covering the three of them.

    The muscular man lying next to her with his teeth trembling heard a sweet childish voice in the dark.

    “Good night, I wish you a good dream.”


    Early the next morning, Qi Yu was awakened by the sound of turmoil outside. The sound of pong-pong kept coming. It seemed that something had happened.

    He touched his face and rubbed the inexplicably sore nape of his neck.

    “Di——” The game system efficiently refreshed a long line of task details.

    【Successfully completed the main mission and stayed alive. 】

    【A player accidentally angered the child who went back to the room to sleep at night. The child killed her, but she was very satisfied with the other player, so she stayed. 】

    [Congratulations to the players for finding the children who stayed in the orphanage, but the dead children are unwilling to be lonely and they want to leave with you, so they become like children, trying to confuse you. Players are asked to be vigilant and don’t be deceived by them. ]

    What does it mean?

    So they have to look for the children among a bunch of kid ghosts?

    Qi Yu quickly scanned the words on the light screen. His eyes fell on the line “The child killed her”, and frowned. They just stayed for the night and did a main task, and there were casualties. If these 48 hours were to pass, how many people would accidentally die?

    And can he live to the end?

    He tightened his lips in a dull mood, ready to get up and go out to take a look, only when he moved his hand he realized that something was not right. Why didn’t he wear any clothes?

    Did he undress when he went to bed last night? !

    Qi Yu: “…”

    Why is it ? !

    Is it possible that he still has the habit of sleepwalking and undressing?

    Wait, it looks like someone crawled on his bed last night? He tried to resist and was knocked unconscious. Is that a nightmare?

    God, who actually took off his clothes?

    Qi Yu hurriedly put his clothes and pants back on again. Just before he had time to put on his shoes, his room door was knocked on.

    Pei Hu probed in and took a look. “You’re okay. Have you seen all the messages sent by the system just now? Did you encounter any weird things last night?”

    “…I saw it,” Qi Yu quickly put on his shoes, he hesitated a bit, wondering whether or not he should tell him what he have encountered.

    He didn’t want to keep it secret, mainly because the incident he encountered was too strange.

    If he is the same as the dead player who has encountered the ghost of a child, then why is he okay? Moreover, why should a child take off his clothes?

    Qi Yu shook his head and told himself that he was too tired last night and was frightened too much, so he unknowingly took off his clothes.

    He can’t be so dirty thinking about a child in such a crooked direction , thinking he will be arrested for having thoughts towards minors.

    That’s right, he took off of his clothes 100% by himself! There can be no one else!

    All the players gathered in front of a room, their faces were ugly, and they looked at each other without saying a word. Only the muscular man squatted in the hallway, clutching a wooden stick in his hand with pale face. A person is dead.

    Pei Hu and Qi Yu walked over. Pei Hu asked to muscular man, “Everyone is here, tell me what you encountered last night.”

The muscular man looked up and resisted the horrible memories of last night.

    “I slept with Guo Yue last night. She felt that the quilt was too dirty, and kept talking about it that she couldn’t sleep like this. I thought she was too noisy, so I said a few words to her and fell asleep later.”

    “But she fell asleep halfway through. I suddenly felt something coming in through the window, it walked to the bed. I was very scared, so I closed my eyes and did not move. I felt Guo Yue was shaking. She should have been awake at the time, and then…”

    He paused. As if thinking of something terrifying, his whole body trembled uncontrollably.

    “Then I heard a click, Guo Yue and she… she didn’t move.”

    He turned his head and looked at Guo Yue’s body still lying on the bed with fear.

    Her eyes was widened unwillingly, and there were blood stains on the corners of her mouth and under her nose. The neck hung limply to the side, and the dark purple pinch marks with handprints on it are very eye-catching.

    A big muscular man, covered his face and cried until he burst into tears.

    “I’m so scared, we will all die here. This shit clearance game is here to kill us, I want to go back, I really want to go home!”

    His cry was a bit too loud, echoing in the empty orphanage added a weird atmosphere to it. Pei Hu frowned and stepped forward. Just as he was about to say something, the long-haired girl who had been shrinking in the corner silently suddenly pointed to the room and let out a miserable scream.     When Qi Yu turned his head, he happened to see a little girl in a goose-yellow skirt coming out of the quilt beside Guo Yue, turning over and getting under the bed, then disappeared under everyone’s eyes.   

  The dust under the bed converged vaguely into words, “The poor child is hiding in the attic, watching his companion being taken away and discarded.He is scared, can you find him?”



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