The Escape Game BOSS is Pregnant with my Child

逃生游戏BOSS怀了我的孩子 Author : 茶浅芜言

Total chapters : 76( completed ) Status : ongoing Genre : Horror, Survival game, Yaoi

Qi Yu was chosen by an infinite horror clearance game. Relying on cautiousness and some good luck, he successfully passed through one copy after another. But why did he feel like his copy was not the same as others’?
In the abandoned hospital, the “crazy murderer” doctor nestled pitifully in his arms.
In the mysterious ancient castle, the vampire duke passionately gave him a hot kiss.
In the unmanned ghost ship, the little bird skeleton captain hung onto his arm tightly.
They told him in unison: “I am pregnant with your child!”
Qi Yu: I am not, I did not!
Even if you guys don’t consider reproductive isolation, would you guys mind considering the possibility of two males having children?

Chapter 3

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